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Greenwich Park

Top 3 Tourist Destinations in Greenwich

Taking a short break at Greenwich will be worth it. They have the best restaurants, swimming pools, and tourist attractions. Everything that you want to relax can be found in Greenwich.

Having a vacation here will be one of a kind experience. To make the most of your visit here, let’s proceed and find out the best tourist attractions in Greenwich.

The Well-Known Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark
Anchors Away!

No, it’s not an abandoned ship! Well, maybe.

If ever you visit Greenwich, don’t forget to visit this fine piece of art! Cutty Sark was built for ship owners called Willis & Sons. It’s not every day you see a ship. So, take your time and put this one in the list.

The Comforting Greenwich Park

Parks are used for bonding, playing, and for relaxing.  Greenwich has a park to ease your stress! The famous park is filled with greeneries and trees. In addition, it is considered as the largest green space located in southeast London. The best place to be to relax.

The Historical Firepower, Museum

Expect cannons, military guns, and even tanks in this museum! One of the best experience to have and treasured. Visiting this museum is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

There you have it. You might want to put Greenwich on your vacation list. It would be worth it! It’s not every day you see greeneries, ship, and even tanks, on the same place. So, go ahead and plan a visit as soon as possible!

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Thanks for reading! See you next time!

Best Swimming Pool Attractions at Greenwich

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Wanna swim at Greenwich?  What to do during shiny sunny weekends and summer?

Greenwich has offered great swimming pool attractions to its local residents and to its guests.  These leisure swimming centres offer a great fun outside. Inspired by the best designs of swimming pools in Greenwich, you can actually bring those designs at home. What is important is you are delighted in your pool for its cleanliness and sparkling water which is done by the best pool sweeper.

As you are more inspired by the best pool ideas you have encountered, you can actually incorporate the best pool designs and landscapes in Greenwich at home. You will just have to click the mouse and everything will appear. Match your preferences with the best pool supplies.  Here are the best swimming pools in Greenwich that may delight your being.

Arches Leisure Centre

Trafalgar Road, Greenwich, London, SE109UX

The leisure centre showcases first-class facilities and activities to its guests. The facilities include two swimming pools with a learner’s pool for the kids.  One of the pools is a fitness pool which allows you to have an amazing display of your strokes as you have your lane swimming. The other one is a leisure pool with a spa pool and exercise studios. Arches Leisure Centre gives you everything you need to stay fit and feel better. Meet new friends and bond with your family!

Torview Club

25 Stormytown Rd

Ossining, NY 10562

This private club is a swim and a tennis club. It’s a perfect getaway for summer for the rest of the family. Its membership allows you to use the club’s sparkling swimming pools, their amazing tennis courts and so much more! There’s a separate baby pool for to spend more summer fun! The Club is really a delightful summer treat for families.

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Park Road Lido

Park Road, London, N8 8JN

It’s one of the best for it offers a wide range of facilities for fitness and relaxation. It offers amazing swimming delights for you and your family. Name your best swimming preferences and you’ll have them. Make your choice from among these fantastic choices: diving pool, indoor pool, learning pool and an outdoor pool.  You can swim at a pace according to your swimming needs. You can experience all the fun in the water.

Greenwich offers a great array of sparkling outdoor swimming pools. The summer fun brings families and friends together carving new and meaningful horizons and bonding for a lifetime.

You are in the right place for best swimming pool inspirations. They are in full swing to give you a refreshing summer!

Splash around and escape the stresses of the world.  Have a cool dip in one of these stunning pools.  Grab your favourite swimming attire and head on.

3 Fun Archery Training Schools in Greenwich

Archery is not only a sport for the experts. It has evolved into a social sport which makes it ideal for team building events, and fun activity for family or group of friends. Previous experiences or skills are not necessary to have an enjoyable day. Just as long as you have the equipment and proper assistance, you are sure to learn and have fun.

Archery Greenwich

Here are three archery schools in Greenwich. Read on and aspire to be the next Katniss Everdeen or Robin Hood.

Archery Fit

Hatfield House, Merryweather Place, London, SE10 8EW (SE10 8LR for SatNavs)

+44 7557 2345 73

Archery Fit is an indoor archery club in London, UK which opens 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day. It has 2 separate archery ranges, which is both 18 meter long, the standard distance for indoor world championships. One of these archery ranges can be extended to 30 meters which is the standard distance for indoor fun archery.

One of their special features is the availability of compound (check out for references), Olympic recurve, and traditional bows for training as well as plenty of storage for customers’ bows. Archery Fit also have highly qualified instructors with over 10 years experience in teaching archery.

They offer Tasting Archery Session (1.50 hours long coached lesson) and Corporate Party/ Event (2 hour long archery fun) for those who want to explore the fun of archery. For those who are interested to become an independent archer, they also offer Beginner’s Archery Course with a chance to become a club member. Lastly, is an offering to book an induction (15 minute long free session) for independent archers.


Experience Archery

Caxton House,129 St John’s Way, London, N19 3RQ

07961 870 170

Experience Archery is a London archery club and mobile company with a passion for archery. It offers archery parties, archery lessons and courses, office team building, stag/hen archery sessions and archery in schools.

The trainers let the students use two main styles of recurve archery: Barebow and Olympic-style sighted. During the course you will also learn about safety, archery etiquette, basic equipment knowledge, scoring, and shooting at the full indoor distance.

Experience Archery offers Children & Family Archery Club which is every Mondays from 5:15 pm – 6:30 pm for ages 8 years upwards.  Another offering is Archery Club Shooting which is open to beginners who have completed an archery course with Experience Archery, and experienced archers who are members of GNAS (Archery GB).


Young Archers

Samuel Montagu Youth Club, 122 Broad Walk , SE3 8ND


Young Archer’s aim is to ensure that young people enjoy archery in a fun and safe environment.  The instructors are fully qualified, DBS checked, first aid trained and fully insured, as well as having over 33 years coaching experience between them.

No prior experience is needed since they provide everything the learners will need along with the equipment. The training will be filled with games to make learning archery more enjoyable. Beginners will learn about archery safety, shooting etiquette and Olympic style scoring.

5 Things That Make Greenwich Market a Great Place to Visit

Someone once said that one of the best ways for travelers to immerse in the local culture is to visit the market. This interesting insight has a point. The unique vibe of markets found in towns or cities seem to echo the heart and soul of the place. Tourist or not, you can find plenty of things amid the buzz of activities. The Greenwich Market is no exception. It is teeming shoppers, foodies, and gawkers who come to buy, eat, or soak in the vibrant scene the market offers. Here are four things that make the place a great place to visit:

1. Open every day

The market is open daily. You can drop by at the place anytime between 10:00am to 5:30pm. There is no dearth of things to see or do so a trip here will be far from boring. It is an excellent place to shop for some fresh produce or grab a quick snack or lunch before heading to other attractions nearby.

2. Diverse selection of food

Fresh in-season produce, organic food, and a wide array of fruits are not the only things that draw people to the Greenwich Market. The place also has a diverse selection of street food. Food lovers will have no shortage of choices that include Ethiopian, French, Indian, Italian, Japanese, and French cuisines among others. Vegetarians and meat lovers alike will have plenty of great-tasting food to choose from. The handmade sushi, ravioli, and sweet desserts are just some of the mouth-watering food to be had in this place.

3. Broad range of antiques and collectables

Greenwich Market has several stalls selling antiques, crafts, and other artworks. Many of these items are locally made. There are many unique pieces that showcase the artists’ and craftsmen’s creativity. You do not have to be an avid collector to appreciate items to be found in this market’s antiques and collectables stalls.

4. Several boutiques and shops

The market has several fashion boutiques and jewelry shops for shoppers to explore. There are also health and beauty shops for those looking for a haircut or want to enjoy a relaxing spa after a tiring day of sightseeing or shopping.

5. Bars and restaurants to explore

Apart from the market’s many food stalls, the place also has a number of bars, cafes, delis, and restaurants. This makes it easier for shoppers as well as tourists coming from nearby attractions to find a place to enjoy a scrumptious meal or snack.